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An exclusive look inside the world of Dutch DJs!

Dutch DJs reveals the answers to all your questions about the profession of DJ/Producer. This coffee table book exposes how Dutch DJs move beyond their own limits and unravels their success factors and secrets for staying on top of their game. Get up close and personal with some of the world’s best known and talented Dutch DJs in this comprehensive first part of the book series. The book combines amazing photos and high-profile interviews of 200 influential Dutch DJs, covering four generations and over 40 different dance influences. All these photo shoots and in depth interviews (which took a total of 800 hours)  took place at the DJs own studio or home, enabling this book to show a side of them that has never been shown before. In addition, 100 of the most relevant professionals in the dance industry were interviewed to be able to provide a complete picture of the DJ industry. This book explores the diversity of the various Dutch dance influences and is a must have for everyone with a passion for dance music. At last Dutch DJs will get the attention they deserve. Details: 452 Pages – Dimensions 34 x 23 cm – Hardcover – Full Color Glossy – 3 kilogram – Written in Dutch and English. Only 2500 books available!